Life is a feeling journey. Practice of forward folds in reverence to the healing power of feelings

Is the idea of liberation a promise of a state devoid of feelings?
Life in the human body is a feeling journey. Thus our spiritual practice, when inseparable from life, starts at the heart. We breathe, move, chant, pray, while deeply listening to the wisdom of our feelings.
The feelings existed way before the creation of an identity, before the idea of liberation was heard of and believed in, and way before the thinking mind was even formed. The feelings are inseparable from consciousness and consciousness is in every cell of our body from its very creation.
In our asana practice, we honor the feelings as a gift, a path to rediscovering ourselves, and a doorway to deep healing. Feelings are neither empty, nor illusory, nor coming from a superficial layer of our being. They are in no need of sublimation, or transcendence into some vast ocean of eternal equanimity.
The more we listen, sense and feel, the less divided our lives become. We begin to be more fully aware and available to ourselves, to others and to the environment.
The wholeness of who we are can be allowed to emerge into the world through an open and honest web of relationships, in which the qualities of intimacy and empathy arise in a most natural – and somehow deeply familiar - way.


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