Maja’s teacher training programs are international programs of highest standards, designed to help you become a skillful, confident, intuitive and articulate yoga teacher. 


Maja’s Message: "I believe that teaching yoga is a very demanding, but at the same time a highly rewarding profession. Learning to teach well requires a lot of effort, commitment to learning, humility, being open to change, flexibility of view, and all those qualities that we teach our students to develop as well. A program conducted in a supportive learning environment helps a teacher evolve in all these directions, bringing to surface the best in them. My number one priority is to create an atmosphere where every individual feels safe and supported, in order to reach his or her fullest potential. Οur mission is to serve. Serving fellow humans and facilitating their journey of transformation and mind-body-spirit integration, be they our students, friends or colleagues, is what teaching yoga is all about.