Athens | Absolute Beginners: Τeaching yoga to beginner students | Module 1 | TT300hrs

The classes for beginner students are some of the most demanding classes for a yoga teacher. This seminar is addressed to teachers who
- have already completed their first 200hr education
- have already had some experience in teaching yoga.
- wish to expand their teaching capacity with a variety of techniques that help make teaching yoga to beginners more efficient for the students and more easy for the teachers.

Areas covered:
- Strengthening and stabilizing exercises for avoiding common yoga injuries
- How to understand the needs of beginner yoga students and to create asana sequences accordingly.
- How to help the students gain greater awareness of their breath and body and how to move from the inner body.
- Alignment and therapeutics for beginners.
- Modifications and progressive sequences for beginners
- Pace, timing and segmenting the class for beginners according to asana categories.
- Pranayama stages appropriate for the beginner students.
- How to assist your students on the path of growth and healing, by unfolding even the complex yoga philosophy in a comprehensive and applicable way
- How to explain the basic mantras, the mudras, the energy-body.
- Use of hands – manual/energetic adjustments

Maja’s note: In these seminars with teachers there are always new discoveries and realisations that arise out of our mutual sharing around the challenges we face as teachers, the talents we have, our limitations and our aspirations. We get many new ideas around how to use the work of teaching in order to learn and grow ourselves, to avoid burn-out and take better care of ourselves, and to teach with sensitivity, intuition, focus and confidence.


09.02.17 Friday: 9:00 -12.00 & 14.00-17.30
10.02.17 Saturday: 8:00 -11.00 & 12.30-16.00
11.02.17 Sunday: 9:00 -12.00 & 14.00-17.30

298 Euros