• Sun Salutations by Sensit Yoga | 14 min | FREE video

    Find your standing neutral, explore bent-knee vs straight-knee forward fold, root into the Earth, connect your arms with your ribcage. With all this integrity move through Sun Salutations.
  • Sensit Yoga Tutorial for Forward Folding Asana | FREE video

    Refine the movement of your spine and feel the subtle sensations arising. Learn to fold forward by softening rather than pulling. Explore the connection between the head, heart and pelvis, as well as the connection of the back with the front body.
  • Shoulder Mobility and a Deep Relaxation | 45 min

    Mindfully increase the strength and flexibility of your shoulders. Then relax in restorative poses and Savasana. 
  • Jouney through your Inner Spaces | 98 min

    In this slow, attentive practice you will journey into and through your inner centers. Use of touch, relaxed presence and listening will help you release the unnecessary tension and bring you into a state of deep inner peace. Completing with a 3-minute restorative back bend, and Nadi Shodhana Pranayama.
  • Supported by the Ground | 47 min

    Cultivating your relationship to gravity, explore the movements that liberate the energy in the pelvis and lower part of the spine. 
  • Finding freedom in the spine | 52 min

    Start with soft bounces to connect with your feet and then proceed to inviting inner ease and softness in the spine in some of the classical yoga postures such as Standing Forward Bend, Triangle, Half-Moon, Eagle, seated twists and forward folds. Ends with a 10 min practice of elongating the exhale and whole body relaxation.
  • Woman’s flow | ♬ with music | 20 min

    Continuous movement with music. No verbal guidance.  Be in the state of receptivity, listening to inner sensations. Music bed: Internal flight By Estas Tonne https://estastonne.com/
  • Whole-body connection and balance | 34 min

    Begin by simple supine rocking, pulsing and easy stretches in balancing and squatting asana. Awaken a sense of connectivity and balance throughout the whole body. This will prepare you for finding an inner pulse and a sense of vitality in a variety of standing postures that follow. Session completes with Mudra and meditation.
  • Nurture yourself in times of sadness | 65 min

    Soften the resistance to your feelings, and honor where you are in this nurturing and mindful restorative yoga session. Recommended props: 2 cushions or bolsters, a blanket and a chair
  • Bakasana | 19 min

    Explore the interplay of grounding and elevating energy currents within. Feel their manifestation in Bakasana pose.
  • Lateral Spinal Movement | 34 min

    Engage in lateral spinal movement initiating from each spinal segment to discover the lightness and inner ease