Sensit Yoga™ | with Maja Zilih

Sensit Yoga is a practice of reaching new depths of awareness through mindful and sensitive movement. It involves listening and feeling ourselves on a deeper level in asana and meditation, and discovering our inner sources of strength, creativity and freedom.

In Sensit Yoga we release the old pattern of forcing the body into postures, and create new patterns of listening and being guided by its wisdom. The healing of body-mind happens through a cultivation of a respectful, kind and supportive inner relationship. 

In Sensit Yoga we become aware of the body as a whole, as well as the connections between our inner spaces and structures. This brings forth an optimally supported inner alignment, to be expressed in the outer motion and yoga postures. This integrative approach helps us get to know our needs, limits, responses and reactions, as well as who we are on different levels of our being. This knowing of the self increasingly guides our actions towards those choices that serve our growth and healing as individuals and as a community.

The movement is mainly slow, with relaxed presence and increased sensitivity, even when we use strength and effort. This enables us to recognize the places in the body that accumulate unnecessary tension. We learn how to release this tension by initiating movement from different points, by directing our attention and breath, and by relying on gravity in particular ways.

When the energy that was holding the accumulated tension gets unleashed, the result is an energized, joyful and effortless way of moving and being.

Maja, E-RYT500, is a passionate explorer of yoga as a way of living. Her life and teaching are dedicated to connecting with people with presence and care. Sensit Yoga is inspired by her many years of Hatha Yoga practice and teaching, as well as by learning and experiencing the body and its potential through Body-Mind Centering, Feldenrais and other methods of conscious exploration. She has been directing Yoga Teacher Training Programmes 200hr, 300hr, and 500hr, as well as advanced yoga teacher training and continuing education modules and retreats in Athens, Greece, and Vienna, Austria.


Sensit Yoga™ is a channel with videos of mindful yoga practices under the guidance of Maja Zilih, E-RYT500. You can access it directly through

or at the Sensit Yoga Channel page with videos organized by categories according to level (all levels, for beginner-intermediate level, for advanced practitioners) and duration (up to 30min, 30-60min, 60+min).


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