19 December 2010 - AthensYogis for women and children in prisons Eleona Thebes

19.12.2010 - Athens Yogis for Women and Children in Eleona Prison


Athens yogis are gathering hygiene and living essentials to donate to: Women and children in prisons Eleona Thebes

In return for whatever you bring, Maja is holding a free-of-charge yoga therapy class held on December 19th at 19:00-21:00.

The class will be suitable for all levels and it will offer:

-gentle therapeutics for knees, lower back and shoulders,

-deeply restorative pranayama and relaxation,

All you need to enter fresh and renewed into the holiday season.

Also, there will be tea and snacks after the class.

(please declare your participation beforehand)

A team of bloggers Xeblogarisma has been voluntarily providing help to prisoners in Greece. In these facilities there are 350 women with 22 children age 0-3. With the economic crisis the state funding has gone to minimal and these people are left without essentials like diapers, toilet paper and soap, depending completely on the help of the volunteers. We have already given bags of clothes and shoes for their previous bazaar, and we can say all the good words about the people involved in Xeblogarisma and their wholehearted devotion.
Over the next 10 days we will gather most needed things and deliver them to the prison on December 19th.

If you want to help, from December 9th to 19th , any working day between 16:30-20:30, you can bring to Athens yoga studio following items listed by priority:

1. Telephone cards of OTE (not hrono-cards), toilet paper, diapers, baby-wipes, shampoo, tooth brushes, toothpaste, pads for feminine hygiene, shavers
2. Towels, Sheets, single blankets and warm covers
3. A4 paper for the Second Opportunity School
4. Books in Albanian, Bulgarian, Russia, Chinese, Ukranian languages (many women are from these countries)