17 January 2010 - AthensYogis for earthquake sufferers in Haiti

17.01.2010 - Athens Yogis join in meditation and donations for Haiti


At times of grand disasters, we need to respond. In classes this week we discussed what we have been feeling, and how we can take action to help people in Haiti.
After a thourough research on organizations that are on the spot right now, we have selected a few that have been operating on ground in Haiti even before this latest disaster. We concluded that they are doing real and honest hard work, providing clean water, shelter and sanitation to those affected by the Earthquake.

In our Sunday’s class, we will join our breath, heartbeats, energy and feelings to extend our loving embrace to the survivors of the earthquake. May our love reach out and contribute to the healing process on all levels to our sisters and brothers in Haiti.

Whatever you give financially for this class, will be donated to one or both of the following groups :

OXFAM: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/  (a confederation of 14 organisations)
11,30 Euros will buy a hygiene kit for one family
28,15 Euros will buy ten 14-litre buckets
56,30 Euros will buy two basic latrines to serve forty people

THE RESOURCE FOUNDATION http://www.resourcefnd.org/

Please state your participation by email or by phone, and come and enjoy your offering to the fullest.

If you cannot offer financially, come and offer your spiritual practice.

If you cannot come but still want to make a donation, call the secretariat.