Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 300hrs

with Maja Zilih and Athens Yoga

For teachers RYT-200 leading to RYT-500 Yoga Alliance International

Maja’s teacher training programs are international programs of highest standards, designed to help you become a skillful, confident, intuitive and articulate yoga teacher.

Maya Yoga 300 hours of Advanced Studies is a journey of teacher’s development on all levels. You will unlock your true potential and become a confident and highly competent yoga teacher, with enhanced leadership and facilitation skills, who at the same continuously grows on a personal level, develops her intuition and deepens her sensitivity. The methods and techniques that you will learn will enhance your existing teaching qualities, equip you with new tools, and result in a sharply precise, but also deeply inspiring and spiritually elevating teaching method.

You will train to express clearly and with very explicit instructions the firm knowledge that you will acquire about the asanas and their modifications, and about the optimum alignment strategies, applied to different people, with different physical needs. At the same time you will learn to infuse your lessons with inspiring and elevating spiritual themes from the yogic philosophy that you will study, so that in every class you assist your students on a true path of inner transformation.

Studying yoga with Maja means

• ever-evolving in your personal practice and teaching skills,
• always expanding your knowledge of the body and mind,
• continuously deepening your spiritual insights,
• increasing your capacity for intuition, sensitivity and awareness of what your students need, and how you can be of service to their path of progress.

The program consists of

- 5 Modules with Maja

- The individual mentorship by Maja and her team, involving video recording your class every 6 months and receiving Maja’s feedback on your strong points and on room for improvement

- 5 Modules by the visiting, globally known teachers – Carlos Pomeda (Meditation),  Jivana Heyman (Accessible Yoga), Elysabeth Williamson (Principle-Based Partner Yoga), Elise Miller (Yoga for Scoliosis), and others.

- Observing and assisting at real Athens Yoga classes, writing assignments and presenting when required

All these combined will help teachers excelby both deepening and expanding:

- Deepening: refining the skills of sequencing, theming, timing, expressing themselves verbally and adjusting poses manually, applying yoga therapeutics and other, but also
- Expanding: broadening the possible range of student populations that they can serve, to include highly advanced yoga practitioners, students with scoliosis, as well as students with special needs.


- Completed foundation 200 hour training, at Athens Yoga or other comparable yoga school
- Dedication, motivation, desire to learn, to expand one’s teaching and to continuously evolve
- Application/Motivation letter and an interview with Maja

Modules (5 modules with Maja + 5 with other teachers)

Maja’s Modules - You need all 5 modules   

16-18 November, 2018 | Module 4: Bringing Yoga Philosophy into your classes

11-13 January, 2019 | Module 3: Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation

15-17 February, 2019 | Module 5: Integrating Module 

* Modules 1-4 can be attended in any order

** Module 5 can be attended only after Modules 1-4 have been attended.

Other teachers’ Modules - You need 5 Modules from below:

1-2 & 9 December 2018 | Nada Yoga with Eleni Koraka

8-10 February 2019 | Authentic Embodiment with John Stirk

9-12 May 2019 | Prenatal Teacher Training with Katy Appleton and appleyoga

21-23 June 2019 | Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman

January 2020 |  Yoga for Scoliosis with Elise Miller

Each module has to be paid 1-2 weeks before its start. The Modules with foreign eahcres are paid accordingly.

Maja’s Message

I believe that teaching yoga is a very demanding, but at the same time a highly rewarding profession. Learning to teach well requires a lot of effort, commitment to learning, humility, being open to change, flexibility of view, and all those qualities that we teach our students to develop as well. An advanced program and a supportive learning environment helps a teacher evolve in all these directions, bringing out the best in them. My number one priority is to create an atmosphere where every individual feels safe and supported, in order to reach his or her fullest potential. After all, our mission is to serve. Serving fellow humans and facilitating their journey of transformation and mind-body-spirit integration, be they our students, friends or colleagues, is what teaching yoga is all about.

Ideally you will take these 2 years as a project of advancing your teaching skills. Every 6 months, if you wish, you may video-record your class and submit it for our review and feedback regardingon theming, timing, sequencing, segmenting, using your voice etc when teaching different types of classes. Another very important part is what you do between the modules – homework, journaling, reading, practicing what you learned, noting down your own ideas, the difficulties you are facing and so on. Keeping contact with each other, sharing ideas and difficulties, will be very helpful to everyone involved. We will have a Facebook group where all the sharing of knowledge, questions and difficulties can take the form of peer-discussions so that we don’t lose the opportunity to learn from one another, as well as give each other support and encouragement along the way.

If you find that in some periods of time your personal schedule is very dense, and that you do not have the time for all of the above, you can choose a slower pace. At other times when you have more free time, be fully dedicated and move on faster. I would like this, above all, to be an active, but pleasant, fun and rewarding time for you, not a stressful one!

I hope you will join me and our remarkable team of experienced and dedicated teachers on this unique journey of growth and deepening of our understanding of Yoga of the Self, while at the same time taking our teaching capacity and skills to a highly advaced level.

With love,