Maja is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500h (E-RYT500) and teacher trainer, as well as founder of Athens Yoga Center, Greece. The life and teachings of Maja are dedicated to connecting with people with devotion and care, offering the wisdom of yoga in a dynamic way that respects the needs of each individual, inviting them at the same time to unfold their true and full potential.

Maja Zilih (E-RYT 500), a founder of Maya Yoga and Athens Yoga Center, holds classes, teacher training programs on basic and advanced levels, workshops, seminars, and yoga retreats in Austria and Greece.

Maja is a passionate explorer of yoga as a process of growth. Her ife and teachings are dedicated to connecting with people with devotion and care., while her teaching method combines dynamism with applicable, mindful, and embodied approach to physical movement, respecting the needs of each individual, and inviting them at the same time to unfold their true potential.
She is most interested in ways that physical movement, breath attention, mental observation and yoga philosophy can all be combined to help us navigate through life's challenges more skillfully and more efficiently. She aims at raising an understanding that yoga is here to equip us with strength and strategies that we need in order to unfold the process of healing the relationship with ourselves, with others and with the planet.

Maja's note: The outside world is merely a reflection of our inner state. Increasingly integrating (the seemingly scattered) parts of the self through yoga and other awareness practices, we begin to see the profound connections and interdependence everywhere we look. From the separation dream, we gradually wake up to the fact that our individual spiritual growth is both contributing to, and strongly dependent on the degree of the evolution of the collective. Whether through meditation, mindful asana practice, aware and respectful parenting, acts of self-nurture, being in service to the underprivileged, or through simple random acts of kindness, yoga truly comes alive when the context behind our actions is a desire to contribute to the elevation of the consciousness level of the humanity as a whole.



Yoga Studies:

Maja was drawn to psychology, meditation and spirituality since early childhood. As a teenager she started practicing yoga and periodically attending meditation seminars. With her first yoga teachers - Swami Nirvikalpa and Swami Bhajanananda of Satyananda Yoga tradition - practicing hatha and raja yoga, she realised that she found in yoga what she was looking for. She studied and trained in yoga teaching with globally known teachers Chris Chavez, Carlos Pomeda (Yoga philosophy), Noah Maze, Martin Kirk (Anatomy), Desiree Rumbaugh, Elysabeth Williamson, John Friend, Rusty Wells, Sue Elkind and others. She also holds a diploma in Primal Integration Psychotherapy training in Ontario, Canada.


Her university studies include:

- Economy and social sciences at the Greek National University of Athens, and Open University of UK, respectively.

- Master degree in political science at the Greek National University of Athens with thesis: "Conflict transformation in the Balkans by non-violent means and grass-root peacebuilding"

Maja is passionate about yoga as a tool for social action and she often organises events that aim at supporting refugees, the homeless, women in prisons and other sensitive groups.