Re-Treat Yourself on Paros Island | Sensit Yoga and 5 Rhythms | 27-31 July 2020

Sensit Yoga and 5 Rhythms -  two conscious movement practices coming together at Tao's Center on the gorgeous island of Paros

With Maja Zilih, the embodied yoga somatics will journey us through our inner landscapes, inviting the mind and body to merge into oneness. With Thierry Francois we will embody a dynamic wave of energy, accesing the true nature of our being. Together, Sensit Yoga and 5 Rhythms will cleanse and rejuvenate the body, liberate the mind, and ground us in our essence!


More about Sensit Yoga

Sensit Yoga is a practice of being present to the arising feelings and sensations, while engaged in movement. It is an act of listening to ourselves on a deeper level, such as the level of our bones, organs, or fluids. Increased sensitivity enables us to see which places in our body have a pattern to store tension. We can then re-pattern by releasing this tension consciously through movement, breath and use of gravity. When the energy that was holding the tension gets freed up, what arises is a joyful, effortless and energized way of moving and being. The more we tap into the wisdom of the inner body, the mored we descover that inside us is the biggest source of strength, creativity and freedom. 

More about 5 Rhythms

5 Rhythms is a  movement meditation practice created and developed over many decades by Gabrielle Roth. The practice is a simple and practical movement map which consist of 5 energetic patterns that exist through ourselves. Put together in a sequence we embody a dynamic wave of energy. There are no steps to learn, no special technique, just the great exploration of discovering the dancer within you. Following the path of this simple practice can catalyse change, expand awareness, release creativity and activate healing and deep transformation. Like all effective practices the more you practice the more you become accessible to the true nature of your being. We all have a dancer within us and the map of this work will inspire the endless possibilities and the ever growing potential to express this.


7:00am Surnise meditation by the sea (for early risers)

9:00am Light breakfast

10:00-12:00 | 5 Rhythms with Thierry

19:00 Sensit Yoga with Maja

We will begin on the evening of the 27th with a session combining yoga and dance. The next 3 days will have two separate sessions daily - one Sensit Yoga, and one 5R. On the 31st there will be again only one, combined, morning session.

The rest of the time is for enjoying the mesmerizing nature of Paros Island, nourishing Mediterranean meals and hospitality of Taos Center.  


Yoga and dance sessions: 300 Euros

Accommodation for 4 nights From 270 to 670 Euros, depending on the room type.

  Shared room (price per person) Single room
Miltiadis apartments 270 350
Christiana hotel 310 470
Margarita studios  410 670

Price also includes Tao's hosting and Yoga Hall, coordination and administration of all staying arrangements, welcome dinner on the 27th July, and light breakfast before morning practice (daily)

About Maja ZIlih and Sensit Yoga

About Thierry Francois and 5 Rhythms



What a wonderful experience! Thank you very much for a heart-opening week of becoming more of the person that I am. Thank you for your guidance that opened me to new experiences both on a physical and a mental/emotional level. I look forward to staying in touch

–          Stefanie, Austria

Thank you so much for setting up such a fantastic week in such a magical place. It is amazing what happens when a group of wonderful people get together for a common purpose. You have taught us so much and I appreciate it.

 –          Bradley, Portland, USA

Maja’s knowledge is so vast; from pranayama to asana sequencing and alignment to meditation. Her teaching methods are so complete with no question going unanswered. Keep shining Maja, you’re a true treasure to yoga!!! See you again!

–          Annika, J, Paros, 2016

Thank you so much for such an insightful week of learning, regenerating and healing. You are a gifted teacher and a talented leader and I hope the work you do will sustain and nourish you for a long time to come.

–          Jennie L., Portland, USA

Being born and socialized in a country that produced and reproduced “followers”, I’ve never thought that I will wish one day to “follow” somebody. And here I am, happy to follow you and your spirit, happy to silent the mind and discover the truth around, and the truth within. In deep appreciation

–          Rosalina, L., Austria 

Thank you for organizing everything, thank you for bringing such a wonderful group together, thank you for transmitting us your knowledge, thank you for your energy!!! This place is indeed amazing and perfect for a retreat. It was my first retreat and I am so grateful for your help to make us go further in our practice. I really feel that I accomplished a lot in my body and mind. 

 –          Mathilde, Austria