Yoga retreats on Southern Crete with Maja Zilih and Maria Soemardi & with Maja Zilih and Anna Petropoulou

Yoga Retreat on Southern Crete

Week 1: July 24-30 2016 with Maja Zilih and Maria Soemardi

Week 2: July 31-August 6 2016 with Maja Zilih and Anna Petropoulou


The family run hotel can be found on the southern coast of crete, in a region of exceptional natural beauty. Rugged and unspoilt, the area offers breathtaking scenery and glorious beaches making this a very special place to visit. Overlooking the stunning bay the hotel has a fine restaurant, a relaxed café/bar and a mini market so you don't have to leave for any of your holiday essentials!


Maja Zilih

Retreats with Maja go way beyond mere relaxation in the wonderful natural surrounding. They nourish the soul, and plant the seeds of clarity and wisdom for a lifetime. Practitioners become more skillful in navigating through life's difficulties. So many of her students choose to come again and again each summer because, as they say, “it charges their batteries for a full year of ups and downs”. Combining strong asana practice with teachings of yoga philosophy, Buddhism, Taoism and other, she helps the students gain wiser and clearer perspective of themselves and their lives, helping them in this way to become their own life guides.

Maria Soemardi 

Maria's studies and teaching of yoga focus on aligning body, mind and heart with integrity. It is her intention to support every student who steps into the classroom in their respective journey towards healing and growth.

Anna Petropoulou

Anna has experienced the multiple benefits of yoga practice in the nature and close to the sea in all the previous retreats of Athens Yoga which have been the turning points in her personal practice and her decision to become a teacher herself. Her teaching focuses on alignment and draws inspiration from everyday life, indian philosophy and mythology.

"The question I had when I first came to yoga is now my primary concern in teaching: to encourage students to discover their potential and expand the qualities of their practice in their everyday life . "

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Treat yourself to either 7 or 14 days of yoga and meditation. Take the time to find your inner rhythm and nourish yourself. Enjoy the classes open air on the beautiful veranda overlooking the breathtaking view of the Libyan Sea.

Experience the magical and transformative energy of Southern Crete


The program will consist of a series of practices that strengthen the body, calm the mind and lead us to experience a more harmonious and balanced state of existence. It includes plenty of meditation and pranayama, both easy and more challenging asana sessions, therapeutics for lower back, neck, shoulders, wrists and ankles, kriya practices, chakra awareness, and deep relaxation.

All yoga will be suitable for everyone, thanks to the teachers' years of experience with mixed level classes, their broad knowledge of the students' needs, and skilful adaptation of all poses so that they benefit each student.


- Delicious breakfast with local products, fresh juice, fruit, yoghurt, bread and honey.

- Homemade dinner with mediterranean recipes, choices for vegetarians and fresh fish.


-Swim in the warm inviting waters of the beach neighbouring the hotel which is also ideal for families.

- Descend to one of the most amazing beaches of Crete, called St. Pavlos Sandhills, offering spectacular sunsets.

- Enjoy the sunset view from the comfort of your room or at the yoga veranda.

- Hike the beautiful gorges of Rethymno. Kourtaliotis (length: 3 km) is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Rethymnon.The huge cliffs of the canyon reach a height of - 600 meters and are full of caves, where significant fauna species live.

- Visit Beach of Preveli, also known as Lake Preveli or Phoenix. During the 60s and 70s, it was a favorite destination for hippies. On the banks of the Grand River there is a large colony of Theophrastus palm trees, which give the region a sense of an African landscape. The river, forming a large lake, 1.5km long, before emptying into the sea, has water all year round. You can walk along the river, under the shade of palm trees and other trees, and start ascending in the beautiful canyon

For more information on the area and the sightseeing choices you can check:

Click here to see the Hotel

A yoga retreat allows you to pamper yourself from the inside out.

This summer indulge in a divine destination: Southern Crete- a mediterranean gem near the Libyan Sea.


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Early bird price for July 24-30 or July 31-August 6 for payments by June 1st

904 Euros per person in a triple

950 Euros per person in a double room

1358 Euros per person in a single room

For price for two weeks, July 24-August 6 please contact us at

Prices include 6 nights-7 days stay, breakfast and dinner, and all 10 yoga and meditation sessions.
Travelling costs are not included in the above fees.
Prices include VAT 23%.
Discount for Athens Yoga members and for residents of Greece will apply.

Booking conditions
In case of cancellation:
2 months prior to the event, 100% refund (except possible money-transfer fees)
1 month prior to the event, 50% refund
Less than a month prior to the event, no refund

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