The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root 'yuj', which means' connect, join, concentrate my attention. The word hatha yoga comes from the Sanskrit words "ha" ("means moon") and "tha" (meaning "sun"). More specifically, the exercise of discipline of the mind, the mind, the emotions, the will to foster a balanced psychic world, which enables the practitioner to be fully in all aspects of life. When we practice yoga, we focus on the breath and movement. This gives our gratitude and serenity feelings which we experience after we finish practice.

With practice in the morning, we help ourselves to remain more calm and focused for a long time in the day. And so we are more ready to recognize the good things that happen. Establishing a morning habit is easier than any other time of day. Think how easily the morning coffee became a habit in your life. Yoga, and generally exercise, in the morning, helps  metabolism, as it begins with action and burning. The morning yoga warms and prepares the physical body in order to avoid injuries in the day. It is good for the heart, reducing the pressure and cholesterol. Strengthens bones and joints, and increases blood circulation.

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