Kids Yoga Teacher Training 2016 from YogaBeez UK, March 2016

YogaBeez from UK are offering a complete
Kids Yoga Teacher Training 2016:

Foundational course March 10-13, 30 hours

or 3 modules (March 10-13, Autumn 2016, Autumn 2016), 95 hours

accredited by Yoga Alliance International

Having attended all three modules, 95 hours, yoga teachers can become Yoga Alliance RCYT (Registered Children's Yoga Teacher)®

YogaBeez is a Yoga Alliance registered Children's Yoga School that blends traditional yoga, mindfulness and Montessori into the practice. Classes are non-competitive, fun and incorporate music, movement, partner poses, yoga games, adventures, facts about anatomy, physiology and ecology - we even get some maths and science in there too. Our aim is to exercise, empower and educate the WHOLE child.
YogaBeez also provides "Tools for Schools" trainings to incorporate yoga into the classroom and Teacher Trainings for adults wanting to teach yoga to children.

Bryony is a co-founder of the European children's yoga group - Kid's Yoga Foundation. They collaborated in creating a 95 hour teacher training that has been accredited through Yoga Alliance. It is currently being taught in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Brussels and Sweden.
Bryony brings extensive knowledge of various yoga traditions that she has studied since 1996, into her classes for children aged 2 - 18 yrs, with a focus of educating, exercising and empowering the WHOLE child through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

The training has 3 modules. The first one may be taken on its own.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Module 1March 10-13, 2016 10.00-18.00 daily

Price: 650 Euros
Early bird until January 31st: 600 Euros

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This 4-day workshop is available to yoga teachers, nursery and primary school teachers, therapists or parents who want to start introducing yoga into the lives of children they work with. It focuses on nursery, preschool and primary school age children, and the foundations for teaching a well-rounded class. YogaBeez incorporates all aspects of the traditional yoga practice blended with Montessori philosophy and works of Howard Gardner and Thich Nhat Hanh to educate, exercise and empower the WHOLE child.

What we cover in the 4 days:
* Explore the brief history of yoga and the 8 fold path
* Stages of Child Development (ages 2-11)
* Learn how to incorporate education and exercise of the “Whole” child
* Explore the educators, yogi's and psychologists who have inspired this program
* Discuss the ethics of a good teacher yoga teacher
* Discover and practice classroom management skills
* Practice and play with essential warm ups, breathing techniques and child appropriate poses
* Have fun with partner poses and group yoga games
* See how yoga comes to life with music and books
* Experience the joy of affirmations and relaxation
* Observation, discussion, preparation and teaching a class with this age group

Childrens Yoga by YogaBeezWhat you will receive:
* 4 days of practical, hands-on children's yoga
* Detailed manual of poses, philosophy, teaching tips, book list, lesson plans and much more
* Lesson plans and ideas to create many more
* Foundation certificate for Teaching Yoga to Children
* Continuing education hours if you are registered with Yoga Alliance

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Module 2: Autumn 2016, Dates to be announced
This workshop provides tools for enhancing your teaching, more advanced poses, breath play, circus skills, family yoga, and explores anatomy, physiology and basic first aid.
We look at the teachers (yoga, education and psychology) at the root of this program and discuss classroom management. Get creative with yoga art, writing visualizations and mastering the art of lesson planning and curriculum development.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Module 3: Autumn 2016, Dates to be announced
This final workshop focuses on working with teens, their development through the ages 12 – 16yrs, students with special needs, exploring pranayama, vinyasa, massage and nutrition. Look at setting up your Yoga Business. Celebrate and be celebrated for this amazing journey you have completed … yet only just begun.

Having attended all three modules, 95 hours, yoga teachers can become Yoga Alliance RCYT (Registered Children's Yoga Teacher)®

Prices and policies:
Price: 650 Euros per module
Early bird until January 31st: 600 Euros per module

Testimonials from the YogaBeez teacher training:

“What a wonderful experience, a gift really which keeps on giving... Reconnecting with one's inner child felt warm and comfortable, seeing how simple things can make yoga accessible for children, making it FUN and joyous, and being surrounded with fellow students to embark on a path which is exciting and thrilling. A couple of months later I can say it has already entirely changed my perspective on things, life, friends, family and perhaps most of all, the way I look and interact with my own children.” Cindy Maas. Brussels, Belgium

After making the decision to train as a children’s yoga teacher I began to look for an in-depth training course. I was delighted to find Yogabeez. Bryony’s training covers the fullest age range that I could find. She also offers the most diverse training and covers the spiritual importance of Yoga. The Yogabeez training has far surpassed my expectations. Bryony not only teaches from her wide experience as a Montessori teacher and children’s yoga teacher, but also from the heart. She is very generous with her knowledge and brought out the potential in all of us. She teaches in a very fun and accessible way, which made the learning experience a wonderful adventure. I do truly feel armed with the tools to safely and effectively begin my journey of teaching. My heart pours out thanks and brims with knowledge." Josephine Reckitt, Kent, UK

The YogaBeez Foundation course was refreshing and inspiring and welcoming. The mix of people involved was wonderful and we were led in a flowing and imaginative journey." Jenny Pickston, Durban, South Africa

The YogaBeez training was really special. Just fabulous … the best think I’ve done in years!" Sara Spencer, Kent, UK “I realised during this course that a Children's Yoga class is really a laboratory and a microcosm and that we have unlimited possibilities to bring nature, sciences, arts, colours, psychomotor activities and languages to it. I have never thought of how a yoga class apart from passing on yoga which is already a treasure for us all, it can also be so rich pedagogically. Finally, after this training I realised how serious and buttoned up we all behave and that this is a big mistake. We slowly and gradually distance ourselves from the source of laughter and lightness that lies inside us. It was a great therapeutic experience for me to learn and also play and laugh with everyone else and touch and dance and move freely as a child. I felt safe in the hands of great educators who work with respect and love for children and took back home so much out of this training.” Despina Christadoni, Greece

"Thank you for your wisdom, passion, energy and warmth. You have given me the confidence to continue on this path of truth and light. May we all share the miracles of yoga with the same open heartedness that you gave it to us. This training was energizing, hands-on, creative and informative." Amy Friedman, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Bryony is the real deal when it comes to being both a yogi and a teacher. She comes from a wealth of experience and shares her knowledge in a genuine way. Her lessons and resources for teaching yoga to kids are thorough and effective, they exceeded my expectations. I feel really confident in starting my children's yoga classes." Kim Buikema, USA

“As I reflect back to the beginning of my journey with Yoga Beez, I can definitely highlight the continuous understanding and support that I have received from Bryony, right from the very first time we spoke over the phone. Her passion and ambition to make a difference in today’s modern society was such an inspiration for me that I wanted to be part of this hive. Taking everything into account from the Foundation Stage, I can only re-affirm my strong believe and strongly commit myself into continuing the Yoga Beez unique journey. The knowledge and open approach of the tutors was a truly magnificent experience and I can hardly wait to see what the next modules unfold into! I think we all have brought together a really special gift to the course and hopefully we can all keep that special seed growing and look forward to celebrate together being part of the “Yoga Beez Family”. The possibilities and ideas were endless! I honestly can’t thank you enough for all the tools and inspiration that the training have given me to improve my current classes.” Lorena Luque, Argentina, South America.