Boost your immune system workshop with Maja Zilih and Ioanna Tabaxi, January 2012

Boost your Immune System

Workshop with Maja Zilih & Ιωάννα Ταμπαξή

Sunday, 22 January 12:00-14:00

event poster - workshop 5 7 19 feb 2012

Stay healthy throught the rest of the winter!

The workshop will consist of:

1. A set of asana & pranayama designed particularly to strengthen the immune system. When nadis (energy channels) are blocked, prana (life-force, life-energy) cannot flow optimally, and disease takes place. These specific asana and pranayama are meant to unblock the channels to help us remain healthy and vital.

2. Learning the simple 10-minute practice for constipation and for detoxification

3. Demonstration of neti-pot cleansing of the nasal passages. Opening the breath, eliminating germs and microbes, preventing colds and flus.

4. Nutrition: Juicing some vegetables and treating ourselves after the practice.  Notes with recepies for veggie-juicing will be handed out, as well as the outline of ‘nature’s little miracles’ that protect us from colds and flues.

5. Participants will be given discount coupons for our favourite bio-store Karolina.

Price for members of Athens Yoga: 20 Euros
Price for non-members: 25 Euros
Prices do not include VAT