Seminar MCKS Pranic Healing (BASIC)

Pranic Healing is an energy healing system developed by Master Choa Sui Kok. It is based on recognition of the existence of the energy body, which extends beyond the physical body and interacts with it. Since any imbalance in the physical layer first manifested in the energy, Master Choa Kok Sui after many years energy practices study and experimentation composed a modern treatment system using the prana (vital energy) to improve physical and mental health.

It is a sophisticated but simple to implement a system for the management of simple cases such as headache and anxiety and more serious problems such as injuries, allergies and hypertension. The approach of Pranic Healing is based and aims to achieve an energy balance which enhances and accelerates the process of self-healing of the body, thereby resulting in faster recovery of the patient.

To start learning Pranic Healing you have to attend the seminar MCKS Pranic Healing (BASIC) lasting 16 hours. This seminar is experiential which means that the trainees learn by practicing the techniques and theory and to themselves and to others. During the seminar, all principles are explained in depth and extensively practiced so that trainees can produce positive results at the end of the course. The training includes theory, practical techniques, meditation, breathing exercises and gentle physical exercises.

 After the seminar will be given a certificate of attendance to all participants sent by the Institute of Inner Studies in the Philippines and is recognized worldwide.

The seminar MCKS Pranic Healing (BASIC) will teach you:

• Techniques to feel the energy body of the patient and to identify blocked energy
• Technique that  allows you to clean the blocked energy
• The way to display power in areas of the aura where failure
• To intervene in energy centers (chakras), meridians, aura, thus accelerating the healing process
• The Meditation on Twin Hearts: this is a beautiful meditation through which we bless the whole earth with gentle kindness and love
• Technical strength of your energy body to be even more effective treatment that you apply to others
• Technical self-medicate
• Techniques for treatment distance
• How to clean energy space in which you live and / or work


The Pranic Healing is not trying to replace orthodox medicine, but to complement it. Professional Pranic Healing therapists do NOT touch the body of the patient, do NOT diagnose diseases, do NOT prescribe medications / substances and do NOT give health promises.

Pranic Sports Therapy

Pranic Healing, promoting through techniques of good physical and mental fitness, wellness and general well-being, can provide tremendous benefits to anyone engaged in sports.

More specifically, the introduction of Pranic Healing in the sports program strengthens the body and increases the vital energy in it, resulting in improved performance, which is very important in a competitive environment. At the same time, normalizing the flow of vital energy in the body, reduces pain and the recovery time in the event of accidents or injuries and minimizes the time the trainee return to sports obligations. The Pranic Healing in particular, can help in diseases such as:

• Fractures
• Contusion
• Sprain
• Tendon rupture
• Dislocation
• Muscle Cramps
• Pain in the middle
• Fatigue / Exhaustion
• Balance & Coordination

On the other, Pranic Psychotherapy grown positive spirit resulting in the uplifting of the athlete and eliminate any negative sentiment towards achieving sporting objectives, such as doubt, fear of failure, low self-esteem, etc- while the meditations offered enhance concentration and tranquility, which are essential for any practitioner.

01.04.17 Saturday: 12.00-19.00
02.04.17 Sunday: 09.00-17.00

150 €

Explore the art of Pranic Healing at the Presentation MCKS Pranic Healing.