Embodied Yoga & Fascia with Gerlind O. Schweppe | Body Mind Centering

Gerlind O. Schweppe is a movement therapist, physical therapist, Body-Mind Centering® teacher, dancer and choreographer, performing and teaching worldwide since 1989.

For the first time in Athens, Gerlind will guide us through two sessions of embodied yoga with emphasis on the fascia.

Fascia is an all-encompassing connective tissue that supports and protects the organs, muscles, skin and the entire system as a whole. Latest research gives ever more emphasis on the dynamic and communicative character of this mysterious tissue.

With its innumerable sensory nerve endings, fascia can be considered the main organ of our proprioception, which is often called our "real sixth sense.

Gerlind will take us on a journey of awareness of our fascia through touch and refined movement. The practice of feeling what our fascia needs to be healthy and vital contributes enormously to a pain-free daily living. Moreover, the practice of interoception has a profound effect on deepening our meditation experience.


Saturday, 4th November 5:30-7:30pm

Sunday, 5th November 4:00-6:00 pm

20 Euros + tax per session