Body-Mind Centering® | Embodied Anatomy of Skeletal, Organ, and Fascia systems

Gerlind O. Schweppe will take us on an experiential journey into anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and developmental principles. The embodied exploration leads us to greater awareness in yoga and other movement modalities, as it deepens our understanding of how the mind is expressed through the body, and the body through the mind.

We will learn how each body system - skeletal, organ, and fascia – is being integrated in the patterning of our movement, mind and spirit.

Friday | The Skeletal System

The skeletal system provides us with our basic supporting structure. It is composed of the bones and the joints. It gives our body the basic form through which we locomote through space and act in the environment. The bones support our weight in relationship to gravity. Through embodying the skeletal system, the mind becomes structurally organized, providing the supporting ground for our thoughts and the leverage for our ideas. It provides the foundation for the psychophysical qualities of clarity, effortlessness and form.

This day will include:
- Qualitiy and layers of the bones and joints
- Skeletal principles that enhance effortless movement
- The relationships between the bones and the joints throughout the whole body

Saturday | The Organ System

Organs are the contents within the skeletal container and carry out the functions of our internal survival with breathing, nourishment and elimination. Organs provide us with vitality and aliveness. They give us our sense of self, full-bodiedness and organic authenticity. Organs are the natural environment of our emotions, aspirations, and the memories of our inner reactions to our personal history. They support our postural tone, feelings, and movement.

This day will include:
- Getting in touch with our own organs
- Initiating breath, voice, movement and touch from the organs
- Movement from the organs
- Techniques that facilitate access to the organs and enable us to arrive at a state of balance in the organs

Sunday | The Fascial System

Fascial connective tissue establishes a soft container for all other structures of the body. It both divides, protects and integrates all other tissue and it provides them with semi-viscous lubricating surfaces. With its innumerable sensory nerve endings, fascia can be considered the main organ of our proprioception, which is often called our real sixth sense. Through the fascial system we connect our inner feelings to our outer expression. Latest research gives ever more emphasis on the dynamic and communicative character of this mysterious tissue.

This day will include:
- Initiating movement from the fascia
- Facilitating freedom, resilience, strength and integration of the fascia through touch and repatterning
- getting in touch with our inner and outer network

Gerlind O. Schweppe is a Body-Mind Centering® teacher and practitioner, movement educator and movement therapist (ISMETA), physical therapist, dancer and choreographer (bc), and a yoga teacher BYY e.V., performing and teaching worldwide since 1989. She teaches in the School for Body-Mind Centering®School in Germany, Spain and Slovakia and is running her own Body-Mind Centering® education in Cologne. In her work as a Movement- and Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer she is including osteopathic techniques from Upledger and Barral, Shendo Shiatsu, Akupunkt Meridian Massage and Foot Reflexology. She lives in Cologne, Germany, since 1993 where she has a private practice as well as leading groups and workshops.

9:00 – 12:00 & 14:00 - 17:00

8:00 – 11:00 & 13:00 – 16:00

9:00 – 12:00 & 14:00 - 17:00

All three days: 270 Euros + VAT
One day: 87 Euros + VAT