For this very special time in a women's life - time to connect with her inner world, to deal with emotional turbulences with breath and awareness, to experience fully the miracle of life and creation.

Yoga during pregnancy:

- Brings relief from pain and other possible discomforts during pregnancy (nausea, constipation, swelling, cramps, insomnia and other).

- Strengthens the uterus, the pelvic floor and the back, all of which help the labour process, but also the mother in the period after the labour.

- Gives the mother a sense of ease, health and well-being.

- Trains the mother to relax with observation of her internal world, and to deal with emotional turbulences with the breath and awareness.

- Helps mother find her own natural rhythm and coordination of the breath with the movement - a very useful tool for the labour process as well as for the relaxation and pain management.

- Helps mother develop greater sense of control, power and self confidence.


Mothers usually feel at peace during and after the yoga classes, which is being passed on to the embryo, positively affecting the mother-baby relationship.


After the birth of the baby, mothers usually continue to practice yoga, as this time of self-care becomes an essential part of their lives. At Athens Yoga, they can even be coming WITH their baby, to class Mom&Baby yoga.