Kids Yoga is an opportunity for children to embark on the precious journey of mental health and clarity and personal development early in their life.

Yoga for Kids 5-9 y.o. with Pinelopi Gavrilaki on Thursdays 16:30-17:30 starting Sept 14th.

This yoga class for children is aimed at children 5 to 9 years. Yoga for this age group allows children and teens to relax, to develop their imagination, their ability for visualization and to develop their personality. on and the culture of their personality. It is a complete physical exercise system that develops physical strength, emotional balance and mental and creative skills that contribute to the development of a happier and emotionally mature child. Children are able to manage better the physical and emotional changes they go through if their minds and bodies work together. Hormonal changes, starting school, a demanding environment and the period leading to puberty can result in nervousness and reactivity at the child's behavior.  

Until the age of 6-7 years old children play  in a fantasy world. As they grow, they benefit from a more structured approach to the notions of discipline and concentration. So yoga is a natural choice as it helps children to develop their potential to the fullest and enables them to create a successful, useful and integrated lifestyle. The yoga class for children includes information on anatomy, ecology and social life which makes it even more beneficial for children!

Materials / Methods: Mats, children's songs, pillows, wreaths, etc.