This class aims to offer yoga practice to all. Everyone, regardless of their physical ability, are invited to participate in this wonderful gentle practice.

Students with disabilities, injuries, hemiplegia, increased weight, advanced age, chronic diseases and syndromes are welcome to experience and enjoy the euphoria and serenity one feels when moving all or part of his body with breathing and awareness. In this class props are used to facilitate movement. Chairs, cushions, walls, blocks and straps will help us to move the parts of our body that encounter difficulty or even pain. Let's listen to our body and its needs and enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful practice!

Physiotherapists and doctors around the world recommend yoga more and more. There is research showing that practicing yoga reduces anxiety, stress, pain, fatigue and insomnia. Yoga reduces cardiovascular risk and hypertension. Yoga also helps cope with symptoms of many neurological diseases, like stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson.

Yoga increases flexibility and strength and thus helps the elderly or overweight practicioners.

The practice of yoga is a reboot for mind and body. Breathing and meditation bring us closer to the awareness and recognition of our real feelings. When we recognize these feelings, we are given tools with which we can keep these feelings around us, but without identyifing with them. The practice of yoga can help us respond to life and the world around us in a more relaxed and meaningful way, recognizing more readily amazing and intact self that resides within our body:

"There's a part of me, which is always good, regardless of whatever is around me or anything happening to my body. Inside me, I am always well, I'm complete. The more you cling to this bit, the happier I become''  Jivana Heyman

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