Maja’s teacher training programs are international programs of highest standards, designed to help you become a skillful, confident, intuitive and articulate yoga teacher. 



  • Online LIVE | The Nervous System | Restorative Yoga, Somatics and Meditation

    Workshop Restorative Yoga, Somatic Rolling and Embodied Meditation are 3 practices that have a direct impact on the tone of our autonomic nervous system. They help calm the sympathetic and activate the parasympathetic pathways, which we may experience as relaxation, quiet presence, or inner-ease. In the longer run, regular work with our nervous system leads to better management of it's changing states, quicker recognition of our patterns and triggers, and a wider variety of choices in how we respond to the external stimulation.
  • Sensit Yoga Advanced 300hrs | Yoga Teacher Training | Vienna, Austria

    Teacher Training Sensit Yoga 300 hours of Advanced Studies is a journey of teacher’s development on all levels.
    For Teachers RYT-200
    Leads to Yoga Alliance certification RYT-500