Sensit Yoga | Maja Zilih | Tuesday 18:30-20:00   


Sensit Yoga | Maja Zilih | Saturday 10:00-11:30  

CET - Central European Time


The essence of Sensit Yoga is an embodied self-inquiry, and self-exploration.

The sessions include asana, developmental, functional and intuitive movement, without requiring previous experience in any one of those. Working with felt experiences and sensations, all the movements become a practice of body-mind integration. Embodying our anatomical structures and feeling our different systems and layers of being, enables us to perceive and understand ourselves better. This leads to having greater trust in ourselves, and at the same time it builds understanding and empathy towards others. This work gives us the ground for releasing old habits and creating new, more integrated and conscious patterns of moving, breathing and being.


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14 Euros 

Private Session 75 min: 80 Euros 

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It is advisable that you have a good internet connection, microphone and a camera.


*** Watch selecetd recorded classes by Maja Zilih and subscribe to the Sensit Yoga Youtube Channel 

Sensit Yoga™ Somatics | Organ Series | Lungs | with Maja Zilih | 39 min

Journey to your center: Deep embodied meditation  | with Maja Zilih | 43 min

Sensit Yoga™ | Whole-Body Connection and Balance | with Maja Zilih | 34 min