Sensit Yoga for the Endocrine system | 7, 14 and 21 July | Online

This yoga workshop aims at balancing the main system that regulates all of our body’s functions and activities, influences our perceptions, shapes our moods and directs our decision making.

Geting to know the workings of our endocrine and system experientially, we become more conscious of our impulses and triggers, and better able to regulate our reactions. 

Reflecting on who, and how we are in any given situation, more choices become available to us in responding to the stimulations of our environment.

Program includes

Asana, somatic rolling, and intuitive movement practice that focuses on the fluidity of our inner body, and aims at harmonizing the entire endocrine system. Be ready to move in interesting ways - rolling and spiralling, using gravity, space, touch and sound, to stimulate and balance the perinneal body, gonads, pancreas, adrenals, heart, thymus, thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands – inspired by Body-mind centering

Theoretic learning and practical embodiment of the divisions and branches of the nervous system.

For teachers, basic Sensit Yoga methodology and sequencing for the Endocrine system will be covered. You will receive notes with sequences for you to expand from in your own teaching direction.

For teachers, hours are counting towards
- Yoga Alliance continuing education
- Sensit Yoga 300hr advanced studies.


95 Euros or

40 Euros per session

Recording of this workshop will be available to you for 60 days


Session 1 | Tuesday 7 July | 18:00-20:30 CET

Sensit Yoga Fluid Body experience and the introduction to the Endocrine System.

Harmonizing the Endocrine System - Lower body glands

Sequencing and Methodology of Sensit Yoga. Homework for the next session


Session 2 | Tuesday 14 July | 18:00-20:30 CET

Harmonizing the Endocrine System - Middle body glands

The Nervous System – Pranayama and meditation for autonomic nervous system awareness and regulation

Sequencing and Methodology of Sensit Yoga. Homework for the next session


Session 3 | Tuesday 21 July | 18:00-20:30

Harmonizing the Endocrine System - Upper body glands

Divisions and branches of the nervous system

Sequencing and Methodology of Sensit Yoga