Awakening the Breath | Sensit Somatics Online workshop

Mapping the inner spaces involved in our breathing makes the breath easy, rhythmic, and responsive to the circumstances.

The pulsation of diaphragms revitalises the organs of our digestive system.

Our mind is invited to settle down, and ride on the graceful wave of the breath, emanating spontaneous meditation states.

Practically, we will:

- release tension patterns in the jaws, throat, and diaphragms,

- bring awareness to our lung lobes, and

- sense and utilize the synergistic intelligence of our entire breathing architecture

The process of embodying the breath is supported by our conscious self-touch, sound vibration, visual images, gentle movement and a couple of restorative yoga postures.

Price: 20 Euros per session. Attending both is recommended.

Price includes access to the recording, for 7 days after the session

Payment via Paypal or via Bank transfer

You will receive the Zoom link upon payment