RECORDED | Mind of the Body | Bone Intelligence and Skeletal Connections

Awakening bone intelligence and embodying skeletal connections impacts our postural comfort. Our degree of comfort directly influences our physiological state and our emotional wellbeing.


This course helps us awaken the innate intelligence of the bones, and bring forth their natural and optimal alignment with space and gravity.

In addition, practicing skeletal awareness contributes to our felt sense of being grounded, well-integrated living beings, trust-worthy and safe in our environment.

For yoga practitioners and teachers, direct bone understanding is essential for balancing stability, mobility, comfort and clarity of perception in various postural arrangements.

Areas of exploration:

Embryonic development:
- Energy pathways and patterns underlying the embryonic development of bones
- Bone materialisation: Journey from energy/space to fluid, to soft tissue, to bone.
- Reversing the process for softening tension and subtle-body awareness
- Creating a safety container through the felt sense of ossification, and current bone density
- Embodying notochord for spinal softness and fluidity of body and mind

Bone breath, meditations and energy work:
- Bone marrow: Taoist energy practices of bone breathing for regenerating the bone marrow
- Visualisations of bone layers and shapes for direct skeletal awareness
- Respiratory movement of axial and appendicular skeleton
- Whole-body release through cranial and coccyx respiration
- Deep calmness and quietness of the skeleton-to-gravity experience
- Bone fluidity and skeleton suspension in the aquatic surrounding

Particular skeletal emphasis:
- Drawing support from our foundations: Feet bones and articulations
- The role of spinal, pubic disks and meniscus in effortlessness of movement.
- Front body and back body skeleton
- Legs to pelvic halves connections
- Arms to ribcage connections
- Shoulder-hip quadrilateral in 3 planes of movement.
- Heel arch for opening a dynamic space in the articulations
- Cranial bones. Practices for deep release of jaw and neck tension
- Bio-tensegrity: Periosteal fascia as a source of the skeletal continuity

Teachers will additionally benefit from

◊ Studying methodology of teaching Sensit Yoga and Somatics with emphasis on the skeleton
◊ Familiarity with sequencing based in developmental movement
◊ Teaching exercises in Zoom’s small break-out rooms
◊ Homework for consolidating the knowledge
◊ Continuous support throughout the course
◊ Joining the Sensit Yoga Somatics Teachers Community

27 Hours (23 contact, 4 non-contact) count towards
- Sensit Yoga Somatics Advanced Teacher Training 300hrs, and
- Yoga Alliance Continuing Education


360 Euros until the end of the year, 400 Euros after.

Includes: 3-week access to the recording of all the sessions.