Nervous System Regulation | Restorative Yoga, Somatics and Meditation

In this 4-session series we abide in deeply regenerating state of awake, quiet presence, which nourishes our body-mind. This helps alleviate some of the symptoms of chronic over-stimulation, such as stress, headache, insomnia, shallow breathing, inflammation, and other.

The practice interweaves restorative yoga with pranayama, somatic spiraling on the ground, embodied meditation and other practical techniques of stimulating the Vagal tone.

Whether we are relaxing in a restorative posture, practice breath techniques, or sit in meditation, we are mindful of the wider context of observing, sensing and familiarising ourselves with the tone of our nervous system, as well as its patterns and interchanging states. The experiential knowledge that we gain in this way, promotes balance and facilitates a more efficient nervous system regulation.


About restorative yoga:

Restorative yoga uses gravity and other forms of support (walls, cushions, chairs blocks) to create gentle passive openings in the tissues and achieve relaxation in the entire neuro-muscular system.
Maintaining restorative postures releases, hydrates and revitalizes fascia. It allows those areas of the body that tend to accumulate stress, to gradually soften the resistance and surrender to gravity. This process calms the nervous system and can become "imprinted" as a new habit of releasing stress at will. Gradually, this practice can lead to the prevention of future accumulation of tension in the muscles, fascia and the organ system.

Sensit Somatics:

In Sensit somatics we use the ground for rolling and effortlessly spiraling, to release tension in the fascia and the organ body. Movement and meditation merge into one practice of heightened proprioceptive and interoceptive awareness, gradually taking us to a place of no guidance or instruction, where the non-voluntary, spontaneous expression can emerge.

Dates & Hours (Central European Time)

4 Mondays of April, 18:00-19:45 CET



120 Euros, or 35 per session

10% discount until March 20th

Price includes a 3-week recording access


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