• Sun Salutations by Sensit Yoga | 14 min | FREE video

    Find your standing neutral, explore bent-knee vs straight-knee forward fold, root into the Earth, connect your arms with your ribcage. With all this integrity move through Sun Salutations
  • Sensit Yoga Tutorial for Forward Folding Asana | FREE video

    Refine the movement of your spine and feel the subtle sensations arising. Learn to fold forward by softening rather than pulling. Explore the connection between the head, heart and pelvis, as well as the connection of the back with the front body.
  • Woman’s flow | ♬ with music | 20 min

    Continuous movement with music. No verbal guidance.  Be in the state of receptivity, listening to inner sensations. Music bed: Internal flight By Estas Tonne https://estastonne.com/
  • Bakasana | 19 min

    Explore the interplay of grounding and elevating energy currents within. Feel their manifestation in Bakasana pose